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Nurhayati Ali Assegaf

2023 Fellow

President, Nuraa Women’s Institute


Nurhayati Ali Assegaf is the President of Nuraa Women’s Institute (NWI) and the Geneva Council for International Affairs and Development (GCIAD). She was one of the Board Members of Women Political Leaders and sat as its Global Ambassador for SDGs. She was an Associate Professor at Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University (Ankara, Turkey). Between 2004 to 2019, she sat in the Indonesian parliament. She held numerous positions, including the chairperson of the Committee for Inter-parliamentary Cooperation of the Indonesian House of Representatives and the chairperson of the Democratic Party faction (the leading faction at the time). She was also a member of the steering committee for WTO, a member of the OECD Global Inter-Parliamentary Network, and a member of the Parliamentary Network on World Bank and International Monetary Fund. She is a strong proponent of women’s empowerment and gender issues and strongly engages with political and social issues and international affairs. She puts a lot of focus on matters related to SDGs, poverty, and education for women. She holds a Ph.D. in Social & Politics, a Master’s in American Studies, BA in HRM, and BS in Medicine.