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Nora Jeanne Joseph

2020 Fellow

CEO/Chief Root Cultivator, RADIKAL

Nora Jeanne Joseph
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

About Nora Jeanne

Nora Jeanne is the Chief Root Cultivator (CEO) and founder of RADIKAL, a social business that creates micro-franchise enterprises to cultivate wealth and help enrich the lives of marginalized women and frontline communities in Haiti. Through a growing network of empowered micro-franchisees, the company distributes organic cosmetic and food products that are manufactured in-house to the mass market. The women that invest in a micro-franchise currently sell two lines of organic products, Simbi (a line of organic cosmetics), and ka.ko.pik (a line of organic food products). A vertically integrated social enterprise, RADIKAL operates along the entire value chain — from the acquisition of raw materials from local farmer cooperatives at Fair Trade pricing, to partnering with women’s cooperatives during the production process, to the distribution of goods through trained micro-franchisees. The model is unique because it is the only company using micro-franchising, a grassroots distribution model, to provide healthy and organic goods to the mass market, also known as the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). Nora Jeanne works with women in poverty with the aim of uprooting them from a life of scarcity. Through RADIKAL, she helps them start and structure their micro-businesses, as well as gain access to funding and support in order to grow their businesses. Nora Jeanne studied International Relations at the University of Connecticut (UCONN), and is completing a certificate in Cultural Diplomacy, Sustainable Development and the Global Economy from the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (Berlin). Her areas of expertise and experience include sustainable development, strategic planning and marketing, non-profit management, fundraising, volunteer management, and grassroots organization.

What Nora Jeanne hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Nora Jeanne is eager to learn about how to improve her leadership style and skills. She is looking forward to making excellent connections and networking at a global level with like-minded peers.

What Nora Jeanne can offer other fellows:

Nora Jeanne can share her experience in launching and developing a social enterprise in a challenging environment. She also hopes to provide meaningful strategies in creating and reaching goals, specifically regarding what to do in the face of extreme obstacles.

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