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Noora Khalifeh

2018 Fellow

Owner and Design Director Noora Heritage House



About Noora: Noora is the Owner and Design Director of Noora Heritage House, a company that creates handmade clothing, jewelry and accessories in Palestine. Noora Heritage House uses embroidered textiles and local craftsmanship to create modern trends, creating designs merging eastern and western sensibilities. Through using brightly colored embroidery, Noora Khalifeh creates one of a kind clothing and accessories that include scarves, bags, jewelry and home accessories such as houseware and furniture. Noora was inspired by the traditional Palestinian ‚ÄòThobe’ dress in her clothing designs. Its lines, shape, fabric, and colors inspired Noora to create distinguished designs that are elegant and at the same time accommodate the individuality and the love for difference of the potential owners. Her inspiration has always been derived from her unique handmade designs, as well as from the combination of her love for her ancient Palestinian heritage and contemporary designs that become fashioned into beautiful and harmonious art where the past meets the present. The designs of Noora Heritage House are meant to be a symbol of the Palestinian cause with all its components, making a statement about the elegance of a nation while always creating free-spirit and avant-garde clothing and jewelry designs. The company was born to support stitching communities and their talented work worldwide. From the very beginning Noora Heritage House has worked hard to operate in an ethical manner on various issues, including environmental sustainability, community involvement and ethical marketing. Noora Heritage House strives to support local communities through creating jobs, opportunities and sharing knowledge among women to contribute to their well-being, increasing standard of living and purchasing power. In addition to employing local workers and engaging in fair trade practices, Noora also sponsors local events. Noora Heritage House has adopted policies that ensure gender equality in salaries and benefits for her staff, provide fair wages, institute priority for women supporting their families, screening vendors to ensure they have adopted policies to avoid child exploitation, support work from marginalized communities and maintain high ethical standards with marketing and client relationships. Noora’s vision for her company is to become a distinguished global fashion brand that serves its community and shares Palestinian fashion techniques. She hopes to contribute effectively towards changing the traditional, stereotypical way of thinking about the Palestinian heritage and to create a fusion between the historic aesthetics of Palestinian. Noora’s areas of expertise include business management, design and planning. She holds a BA in Administration and Economics.

What Noora hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Noora can share her expertise in marketing, strategic planning, sales plans and growth control.

What Noora can offer other fellows: Noora can offer her experiences in her business, including business management, planning and design.

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