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Noha Khatieb

2017 Fellow

Noha thumb

“I grew up as a Palestinian Arab in a Jewish city. My whole life was telling people that I have legitimacy. When I heard about this integrated school, I knew that I would know how they felt. I thought, I can help.”

Noha Khatieb believes that the best place to foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians is in school. An educator and peace advocate, she was the co-principal of an integrated primary school in Galilee before joining Israel’s Ministry of Education as director of civic and multicultural education. Noha has introduced bilingual education and developed curricula that include community engagement and the concept of shared citizenship.

She sees her students as peace builders. And believes it’s her role to help them see each other as friends. Noha says she’s never seen her work as a job; for her, it’s a way of life. She’s confident that peace will come, and plans to prepare the youngest generation to build a more equitable society.