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Nina Barnett

2019 Fellow

Founder & CEO, Grooop

New York, NY, United States

Nina Barnett is the Founder and CEO of Grooop, a start-up app company based on safety for college students. She started Grooop when she was 18 years old going into her sophomore year of college, and soft launched in the app store June of 2017 when she was only 19. She continued to grow and cultivate the app and company throughout her college experience. As of right now, Grooop is 100% self-funded! Nina graduated in May of 2019 with a dual degree in Physics and Dramatic Arts with a minor in mathematics. She served as an event planner all four years of college working with a large budget, and continues to do some event planning on the side. In her spare time she is a standup comedian, actor, and singer. She is also a proud member of the Female Founder Collective.