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Niharika Baxla

2022 Fellow

Child Development Officer at Yuwa India

Niharika Baxla

Niharika Baxla hails from Jharkhand and works as Child Development Officer for Yuwa-India. She is a computer science graduate but always had the passion to give back to the community and joined social sector for empowerment of women and community. She works with young girls and women to empower them through education sports and life skills workshops. Over the last 9 years, Niharika has worked in communities where girls’ education and women’s empowerment are of least priority, and their opinion and voices has never been valued. Niharika helped community people to understand how to break the cycle of poverty by empowering girls and helping them to achieve higher education and capacity building through sports. In the past, Niharika has worked in stopping child marriage and domestic violence in the community through in-person interventions and sensitization programs through life skills programs for years. In the future, her vision is to create a community of empowered women with financial independence who will become role models for the future.