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Nia Wellman

2019 Fellow

CEO and Founder, Campus Curlz, Inc.

Hampton, VA, United States

Nia Wellman, commonly known as Nia Imani, is an innovative digital marketer, content and social media strategist, and business consultant with a proven track record of results and high engagement. She is well-versed in the cosmetics, multiethnic hair, and beauty technology industries, where she has created experiential marketing activations and experiences for top brands. She has amassed a combined social media following of 165,000+ supporters through her content creation on YouTube. She is also the CEO and Founder of Campus Curlz, Inc., a national collegiate organization that provides opportunities, resources, and educational support to more than 500 women and men on 13+ college and university campuses. Campus Curlz also doubles as a marketing agency where they partner with beauty, lifestyle, and educational brands to gain traction within the multicultural millennial and Gen-Z community. This September, she plans to launch her first book coined “Brand Like A Girl: Transforming Your Platform Into An Empire” accompanied by her digital community that will train women of color on how to successful launch and maintain digitally native brands.