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Ngozichukwu Etuk

2020 Fellow

Managing Director & CEO, Otiz Keepers

Ngozichukwu Etuk
Uyo, Nigeria

About Ngozichukwu

Ngozichukwu is the Managing Director and CEO of Otiz Keepers, a professional human resources company that seeks to provide a competent and dedicated pool of bespoke workforce and other HR services so that their clients can achieve their family and organizational goals. Otiz Keeper’s clients are busy, working middle- to upper- class families across Nigeria who are in need of domestic staff including nannies, housekeepers, chefs and drivers and other domestic services. Their clients also include SMEs and corporate organizations in the Akwa Ibom state that desire talented individuals and topnotch HR and consulting services that will help drive the visions of their organizations and promote business growth. Otiz Keepers additionally offers a Maid-2-Maid program to invest in the development of domestic workers beyond employment and in an effort to change the narratives of the lives of young girls and women from poor homes and rural areas. The goal of the Maid-2-Maid program is to create a better life and a brighter future for 1,000 girls by 2027. The program offers employment options for young girls from rural areas, where they are often idle and without the opportunity to go to school or learn a skill and are vulnerable to teenage pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The program trains them to become professional domestic staff and provides mentorship and mindset reorientation where they desire more purposeful and better lives after working as maids. Following their training, they are placed in elite homes and guided to succeed as domestic workers. After 3 years of employment, they are offered scholarships for higher education or skills training. Ngozichukwu feels passionate about helping young girls in her community because she was once one of them. She feels strongly that everyone is someone and can achieve their dreams. Ngozichukwu holds a Bachelor of Science Education in Biology from the University of Jos in Nigeria, an MBA from Unicaf University in Zambia, and numerous certificates in human resource strategy and management. She has expertise in human resource management and strategy, life, career and business coaching, strategic planning, business management, training, consulting and neuro-linguistic programming.

What Ngozichukwu hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Ngozichukwu is looking forward to learning leadership development skills to better advocate for domestic laborers in Nigeria. She is eager to learn about what it takes to grow a global brand and be a global leader, internationally recognized for doing great things and positively impacting lives across the globe.

What Ngozichukwu can offer other fellows:

Ngozichukwu can share her networking skills and her experience,learning from her peers’ experiences in return. She can also share her knowledge and experience in HR, coaching, strategic planning and business management.

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