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Neha Kansara

2022 Fellow

Program Head of Capacity Building at Friends of Women's World Banking

Neha kansara

Neha Kansara  heads the  capacity building vertical  at Friends of Women’s World Banking (FWWB) in India, which is a 40-year-old NGO working in the space of financial inclusion among low-income women. At FWWB, she focuses on strategizing and amplifying the organizations’ work on women-centric developmental initiatives so as to enable social and economic change in the lives of women from the low-income household segment.

In her 17 years of association with the organization, she has been instrumental in driving multi-state, large-scale programs on women’s empowerment, livelihood, and micro entrepreneurship development. On the institutional capacity-building front, she has played a critical role in the designing and execution of support interventions for more than 75 nascent micro-finance organizations and farmer-producer organizations. As one of her core roles, she has also managed networking, fundraising, and funder relationships for numerous Indian and foreign donors and foundations.

She holds an MBA with a specialization in finance, and worked at Citibank in the initial years of her career. This has served her well in the designing and implementation of various financial inclusion interventions at FWWB.