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Natalia Redko

2019 Fellow

General Director, Lac Sant Ltd

Kiev, Ukraine

About Natalia:

Natalia is the General Director at Lac Sante, a cosmetic company that in 2007 began Crimean Saki mineral mud to produce natural cosmetics and medical agents. Due to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Lac Sante could no longer access the Crimean mineral mud and launched a new product line utilizing Ukrainian mineral resources. Lac Sante has produced more than 100 beauty agents based on therapeutic mud, clay, oils and additives. In 2018 they started the Beauty Hub project to unite small producers of hand-made cosmetics, cosmetologists, beauty bloggers, and individuals who appreciate customized natural cosmetics and eco-style living. Lac Sante focuses on developing anti-age cosmetics, cosmetics for problem skin, hair care products, gum and joint treatment products. Lac Sante is unique within their market in having a business model that turns clients into partners. A serial entrepreneur, Natalia has been the director of “Company “NTB” Ltd since 2004 and general director of Eskaprom Ltd since 2013. She has experience in business management, administration, legal affairs, and budgeting.

What Natalia hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Natalia hopes to gain communication, branding, and marketing skills.


What Natalia can offer other fellows:

Natalia can share information about how to face challenges and how to survive and work with employees you wish to continue working with in the future. She can also share how to start a business from the ground-up and how to start and sustain a business in an area of conflict and war.


Connect with Natalia on Social Media:


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Twitter: @Lac_Sante

Instagram: @lac_sante