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Narmada Ramakrishna

2023 Fellow

Founder/CEO, mettā muse

Geneva, Switzerland

Grounded in her humble Indian roots, Narmada Ramakrishna’s driving narrative is to make a positive and meaningful impact. Her business mettā muse is one key piece of this narrative. The world needs more bridges, to bring communities, people, visions, and intentions together- mettā muse is one such bridge.

As a former biotechnologist, Narmada was drawn to women’s empowerment and the bigger promise it held to transform and uplift societies for generations to come. She successfully started and still runs her first company, pink maharani, a sustainable luxury cashmere brand in Geneva with products handmade in the conflict region of Kashmir. Following the organic interest from designers and buyers, she saw a wider opportunity to broaden her vision to build a technology platform that could connect artisans and designers from around the world and take the handmade sector into the future. mettā muse provides a bridge between talented artisans and forward-thinking global brands to consciously create unique products and bring positive social impact.

Narmada was awarded the UN Women Top 20 Fashion Industry Disruptors and was also elected by the BMW Foundation as part of their World Responsible Leader Network.