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Nancy Manotas

2021 Fellow

Owner and Product Developer, Manotas Ltd.

VVGrow Fellow 2021
Toronto, Canada

Nancy is the Owner and Product Developer at Manotas, a company that offers organic wholesome Latin American foods that support the health and longevity of their customers. Manotas uses high quality ingredients and authentic recipes inspired by the ancient culinary traditions of Spain, and Central and South America with the goal of offering healthy, simple and wholesome foods. Their line of products include guacamole, salsas, arepas, empanadas, Spanish rices, soup extracts, pure butter puff pastries, as well as vegan and gluten free options. Beyond offering culinary products, Manotas’ vision is to help their clients of all ages improve their health and wellbeing. They do this by studying ingredients, it’s nutrients and their effects on the different systems of the body on a daily basis. Expanding on their research on individual ingredients and food processes, Manotas also works on the fermentation of staple foods such as wheat, buckwheat and spelt to create unique breads and pizza doughs, that include ingredients like spirulina, which are critical to maintaining a healthy body. This process increases nutrient content in these foods as well as improves their ability to be digested without necessitating adopting a gluten free diet. Nancy’s passion is in the health and longevity of individuals and she embeds these values in the development of Manotas’ vision and products. Nancy hopes to grow Manotas to introduce their healthy food products to a wider market and provide healthier food options in public places such as train stations, airports, stadiums, and other family venues. She is currently working on her first high traffic venue at Union Station in Toronto to change the category from fast food to healthy super food on the go. Nancy holds a Bachelors in Psychology from York University in Pennsylvania and has also studied at the Universidad del Norte Barranquilla and the University of Toronto.