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Nancy Bosnoian

2023 Fellow

Founder, End No Sleep

United States

Focus Areas


Nancy Bosnoian is the founder of “End No Sleep,” a nonprofit committed to empowering high school students, particularly those in vulnerable communities, to prioritize mental well-being through the cultivation of healthy sleep habits. Developing a holistic curriculum that delves into the science of sleep and its profound effects on mental, emotional, and social health; Through evidence-based guidance and interactive mindfulness exercises, their curriculum equips students with the tools they need to establish improved sleep patterns. Bosnoian firmly believes that education and preventive care are pivotal in combating avoidable disorders and diseases from an early age.

Bosnoian is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Human Rights at Columbia University. She has also become a Z Zurich Foundation Scholar, Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow, and Millennium Campus Director Fellow under the UN Academic Impact. Her journey embodies a passion for health and education that inspires positive change.