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Mufida Isyaku

2023 Fellow

Founder of R&U Learning Solutions/CEO KTG Quality Ventures

Mufida Isyaku VV GROW 2023

Mufida has a degree in English Education from A.B.U Zaria Plus an M.A English in view. She is a humanitarian care provider ensuring SDG 4 of “Quality Education ” and SDG 5 “Gender Equality”are achieved. Her venture provides educational relief materials to underserved communities at a subsidised rate to enable all children access to education with a specific focus on girls. Added to the above, they substantially want to increase the number of girls with vocational and technical skills to boost productivity in the digital economy thereby supporting SDG 8, “Decent Work and Economic Growth” by training them on pad making and computer literacy. By providing uniforms, footwear, bags and writing materials they enable children to start their education , with certainty they will stay in school and attain a minimum proficiency level in literacy and numeracy. The project started as a not-for-profit but evolved into a for profit in order to sustain the organization. Her major responsibility as a leader is to amplify as well as generate revenue for the organization. Also, her commitment to the pursuit of education and equitable access to it for all, fueled her resilience to shoulder two businesses concurrently. What Mufida can offer other fellows. Believing we are all educators in one way or another, she is ready to share her knowledge, best practices as well as expertise.

What Mufida can offer other fellows:

Mufida believes we are all educators in one way or another other and there is no island of knowledge. She can share with other fellows her knowledge as well as expertise.

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