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Mozn Hassan

2021 Fellow

Executive Director and Founder, Nazra for Feminist Studies

HERlead 2021

Mozn Hassan is an Egyptian feminist activist and founder of ‘Nazra for Feminist Studies’. 

In her work through Nazra, Mozn has been involved in a range of different activities and campaigns to address gender-based inequalities and forms of injustices while also strengthening feminist mobilization and women’s participation in politics.Nazra has played a particularly important role in documenting human rights abuses and sexual violence during and after the revolution of 2011, and has been supporting and advocating for the survivors of sexual assault.

Mozn has received many awards, amongst them the Global Fund for Women‘s inaugural Charlotte Bunch Human Rights Award in 2013. Mozn and Nazra were jointly awarded one of the Right Livelihood Awards, often called the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize”, in 2016 “for asserting the equality and rights of women in circumstances where they are subject to ongoing violence, abuse and discrimination.” In 2009, Mozn received the Hrant Dink Award for peace, rights and equality.

On March 2021, Mozn founded “Doria Feminist Fund” MENA feminist fund, a first MENA fund for new feminist groups from the region. Mozn dedicated RLA to establish the fund.