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Monicah Amoding

2022 Fellow

Executive Director

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Monicah Amoding served as Member of Parliament of Uganda from 2011 to 2021. She has worked and built capacity of others in the area of women’s rights advocacy, legislative advocacy, social sector programming and development and leadership development spanning over 17 years since graduating from university in 2004. She has helped found a number of organizations, has in the past sat and continues to sit on the Boards of some organizations. She is passionate about eradication of gender inequities and social injustices in society and raising leadership that can deal with these millennial challenges.

While working in various organizations, Monicah directly facilitated the advocacy processes for the enactment of such laws as; The Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2010, the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act, 2010, The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, 2010 among other important issues. Recently, while serving as a Member of Parliament over the 10 years, she focused on championing gender bills, women and other social justice issues. As chairperson of the Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) in the 10th Parliament, she initiated 4 gender related bills for UWOPA’s legislative advocacy agenda namely; Sexual Offences Bill, Succession (Amendment) Bill, Employment (Amendment) Bill and Marriage and Divorce Bill and personally moved the Sexual Offences Bill as Private Members Bill.

While in Parliament, she focused on gender, health, education, youth empowerment, national economy, human rights and other social injustice issues on the floor and in the committees, she sat on. She is currently engaged in leadership development and preparing young and new women political leaders for public office through training, awareness campaigns, mentorship and coaching.

She holds a Masters Degree in Gender Studies, Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences, and LLB (Laws), Diploma in Legal Practice and several certificates.