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Michelle Yidios

2023 Fellow

CEO, Yidios Hakim

Bogota, Colombia

Yidios Hakim is a woman founded and woman led business spearheaded by Michelle Yidios. The company is a combination of passion, culture, and opportunities, connected through fashion. Through their product development process, Yidios Hakim impacts more than five communities from the Middle East and Colombia by making bags and straps that are meant to challenge creativity. It’s a mix and match concept to create a combination that fits different personalities.

Michelle’s previous roles and leadership experience include hosting PopTalks on E! Entertainment Latin America, producing La Lupa digital magazine, producing at E! Entertainment Latin America for the program Zona Trendy and as a press manager at Paola España Press and Entertainment.

Michelle has been featured in Vogue Latin America magazine for December 2021- January 2022, Despierta America (Univision), the cover of Caras magazine, Telemundo, CBS (Miami), Espacio Vogue, Porsche Newsroom Latin America and Fucsia Magazine,

She has appeared on numerous podcasts, including Speak-Up Uniandinos “Autenticidad y Empoderamiento Femenino con Michelle Yidios,” Super Poder “ep 12. Michelle Yidios,” ¿Ysi Hablamos? “Amor por la Moda,” Sin Verdades Absolutas “T1 -E1 Autoempoderamiento es un Estilo de Vida. Michelle Yidios.”