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Mercy T. Annapoorani

2022 Fellow

Executive Director of Bloom Trust

Mercy T

Since 1993, Mercy T. Annapoorani has been the Executive Director of Bloom Trust, an Indian women-led nonprofit focused on the health and community involvement of marginalized individuals.

Growing up in rural India, Mercy has direct knowledge and understanding of the challenges and hardships rural women in India meet, from access to adequate healthcare to promoting financial reliance. She is an expert in community engagement, health and rural development.

Mercy is also a board member of national and international boards focused on health-related topics, such as tuberculosis and HIV. She is currently a delegate of NGOs in developing countries for the UNITAID board in Geneva; a board member for The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease in Germany; and a member of The Global Coalition of TB Activists in India.

She is the recipient of the Kalai Valar Mani Award from the Madurai Arts Club in 1998 and the 2002 International Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life by the World Women’s Summit Foundation (WWSF), Switzerland.