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Melanie Wolman

2024 Fellow

Co-founder & CEO, The Food Market

Melanie Wolman is co-founder & CEO of The Food Market, an excellent end to end B2C omnichannel experience for healthy and sustainable products – and B2B services, in Argentina. The Food Market has the mission to transform people´s habits into healthy and sustainable ones. The Food Market’s values are based in the UN Sustainable Development Goals: it believes in the right to access to healthy and sustainable products; the right to access to qualified education about wellness and health; in a healthy and sustainable production and consumption. The Food Market is now applying to become a B Corp.

In 2022 The Food Market partnered with Farmacity, the largest pharmacy chain in Argentina, becoming part of their ecosystem: Farmacity, Simplicity, Get The Look. Now, The Food Market has 7 stores in Buenos Aires, their website, and B2B sales to companies.

Since then Melanie´s role is to share the vision and purpose, build The Food Market’s culture, settle the large term strategy and network with the ecosystem. She is an accountant and professional chef, who has been working with The Food Market for the last 9 years (it started in 2015). She believes that working for impact is a reason for living. Melanie is ultimately looking forward to the Fellowship to share experiences with like minded women from around all the world.