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Mayyada Abu Jaber

2021 Fellow

Founder and CEO, JoWomenomics

VVEngage 21

Mayyada Abu Jaber has worked in the MENA region for more than twenty years on women and youth education and economic empowerment projects. She founded JoWomenomics as an independent non- profit organization to influence policies and foster mindset change towards greater women’s economic participation. She is also the founder and CEO of the World of Letters (WoL), a social enterprise in the Middle East and North Africa dedicated to bridging the economic, social, and opportunity divide.

Earlier in her career, Mayyada served as an educational consultant at the office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah II. Mayyada is an Echidna Global Scholar for leaders in Girls Education at the Brookings Institute. In 2017, Mayyada was recognized by the World Bank as an inspirational leader in the MENA. She was also featured on CNN, Euro-news, and as a panelist at the Clinton Global Initiative. Mayyada’s work on youth employment was recognized by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) as one of 15 best practices in the world for education/employment interface. Mayyada is a specialist at the UN-Harmony for Nature and serves as the vice-chair of the Center for Environmental Ethics and Law. Mayyada is working on her Ph.D. on Feminist Economy and received her master’s degree at Duke University.