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Maya A. Tamayo

2021 Fellow

Co-Founder and Program Manager, Angat Bayi

MayaTamayo Headshot 1

Maya Tamayo is co-founder and program manager of Angat Bayi [Uplift Women], a groundbreaking program in the Philippines aimed at promoting women’s entry into politics. It gathers and develops elected women leaders to advance a holistic social development agenda, and engages young women in building a broader constituency for women’s issues in the political sphere. Since 2018, Angat Bayi has capacitated women leaders from 14 cities, 16 municipalities, and 6 provinces.

Maya also co-founded the Feminist Legal Network, a gathering of legal professionals and advocates working for more gender responsive, inclusive, and just practices within the Philippine justice system and legal community.

Aside from being a passionate advocate for women’s rights and the arts, Maya is also a proficient feminist researcher and trainer. She is an awardee of the Connections Through Culture – Arts and Creative Economy Research Grant by the British Council in the UK and East Asia, and was selected as part of the first cohort of the Women Together for a Better Normal program by Ashoka and the S&P Global Foundation in 2020. When she’s not developing innovative projects, she dances, travels, plays boardgames with her tribe, and enjoys coffee (or wine) with her coven.