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Maugbe Oladipo

2023 Fellow

Creative Head, Sheets Accessories Scents & Interiors

Maugbe Oladipo

Maugbe Oladipo is the creative head of Sheets Accessories Scents & Interiors (SASI). SASI is primarily involved in furniture and interior design manufacturing. Balancing innovation with quality manufacturing practices has always been their strong point. Through her business, she is constantly building indoor and outdoor structures to help people live and work comfortably and efficiently. They strive to leave their clients with an experience and a lasting positive impression.

Maugbe’s interest in manufacturing furniture was unlocked when she found locally made furniture for her children’s rooms and also got a certain design of furniture for her parents’ space. She developed a reputation for freelance interior design from her undergraduate study days.

In 2018, she created a special section within her business dedicated to giving back to physically challenged persons in her community. Through this, she designs and builds furniture and equipment that supports physically challenged people to live more functional lives. In 3 years, she has supported over 60 people within her local community. This arm of SASI directly contributes to SDG 4 which focuses on “ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Sasinteriors has constantly aimed to improve lifestyles and enabled both staff and clients across the board to optimize performance to support their overall well-being!

Maugbe is a Botany graduate of UNILAG (B.Sc & M.Sc) and an alumnus of the following programs: Road for Growth (Enterprise Development Centre), Center for International Business and Strategic Studies, and Shecluded Financial Literacy. 


What Maugbe can offer other fellows: 

Maugbe can host seminars or talks on the experience of being a business woman in a male dominated field and share simple DIY tips in ensuring you live by design. 


Connect with Maugbe on social media: 

Business website: 

Business LinkedIn: Sinosasi 

Personal LinkedIn: Tosin hunjenukon-oladipo 

Business Instagram: Sinosasi