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Mary Mutua

2024 Fellow


Focus Areas

Economic Empowerment

Mary Mutua, founder of Twajali Empowerment Network, addresses the challenges marginalized youth face in Kenyan slums and semi-urban areas. These vulnerable young people are at risk of crime, drug abuse, and prostitution due to limited livelihood opportunities. Twajali’s mission is to empower youth through holistic training and experiential learning, using hospitality management as a tool.

Mutuas’s life journey from the slums led her to pursue a university course in hospitality management and, later, a master’s degree in strategic management. She served as a food and beverage manager throughout her career, gaining industry insights. Additionally, she trained at a conventional hospitality training school. Over the past two years, Mutua has trained more than 120 beneficiaries through her pilot project,

“As a visionary leader I aspire to create a world where marginalized youths are potential contributors to a more dynamic and resilient community.”