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Mary Lancelot

2023 Fellow

Founder/CEO, MLC Fashion

Mary L
Accra, Ghana

Mary Lancelot stands as a visionary force at the helm of MLC Fashion, a trailblazing brand with a resolute mission. With a fervent commitment to sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity, MLC Fashion strives to reshape the fashion landscape. MLC Fashion fuses fashion and ethics, offering empowering, ethically produced clothing. Mary’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse threads. An entrepreneur, Swiss knife virtual assistant, educator, and advocate, she ardently champions women’s empowerment and youth development.

As a Swiss knife virtual assistant, she adeptly serves both individuals and businesses. As a tech ambassador for Tech-up Girls Bootcamp, she mentors and empowers young girls to conquer technological frontiers. Mary’s technology ventures are no less remarkable. Her leadership roles within Womenstrust and as President of its Alumni Association underscore her dedication.