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Markette Sheppard

2021 Fellow

CEO, The GLOW Brands LLC

VVGrow Fellow 2021
Takoma Park, United States

Markette is the CEO of The Glow Brands, LLC, a communications consulting company with a specialization in content marketing. The Glow Brands’ flagship enterprise is Glow Stream TV, which acts as a Home Shopping Network (HSN) for socially conscious women’s lifestyle brands. Glow Stream TV includes a blog, a video streaming service where businesses can pay to have their marketing videos streamed, and an e-commerce shop. The company aims to be a resource for women who are looking to become more informed, enlightened consumers and global citizens, while also being an outlet for like-minded brands to reach audiences through branded partnerships and integrated marketing opportunities. Markette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University Dominguez Hills and a Master of Arts in Interactive Journalism from American University. Prior to launching The Glow Brands LLC, Markette served as the Vice President for Marketing, PR & Digital at Signal Financial and was a broadcast journalist for the CBS affiliate in Washington. She is experienced in communications (both writing and digital media), video production, and creating and executing content marketing plans.