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Marisol Velez

2019 Fellow

Pinqy Ring

Chicago, IL, United States

Marisol Vélez (aka Pinqy Ring) first shook hands with the microphone at 15 when her love for learning Hip Hop songs turned into a curiosity to try it for herself. A tough childhood, troubled teens and a catastrophic car accident all worked to mold the young artist into the powerful MC she is today. The accident, which left Pinqy in a coma, served as the defining point in her life as she realized that telling her story was paramount. Since then, Pinqy has captivated audiences nationwide and has represented on international stages such as Belgium, Morocco, Spain, Cambodia, Cuba, Thailand and Vietnam. Pinqy Ring is a two-time recipient of the City of Chicago’s Individual Artist Program grant, and the awardee of a 2018 Illinois Arts Council grant. Pinqy is a Cultural Ambassador for the United States, traveling overseas and teaching conflict resolution through Hip Hop. Pinqy performs as Rosina for Chicago Fringe Opera’s “The Rosina Project” – a Hip Hop iteration of The Barber of Seville, and is also a national speaker spreading her message of hope, perseverance, and self-worth at educational institutions and organizations across the U.S.. Pinqy prides herself in her lyrical prowess, stage presence and Spanish/English rhymes, but also in the courage to fearlessly share her story and connect with people while doing so. As a Chicago Latina artist on the rise, Pinqy Ring shines bright with the determination to tell her truth authentically while encouraging others to live in theirs unapologetically.