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Marina Ibrahim

2020 Fellow

Owner & CEO, E3M

Marina Ibrahim
Elminia, Egypt

About Marina

Marina is the Owner and CEO of E3M, a manufacturing company that specializes in fabricating door and handrail components, including steel hinges, corner bracing, bolts and brackets. E3M is one of three business subsidiaries of the Melad Group, which collectively specialize in metal construction, construction contracting, and metal components manufacturing respectively. E3M manufactures their products in various sizes to fit the needs of their clients. They currently export to companies in the United Kingdom and are in the process of expanding to new markets in Europe. Marina is passionate about creating employment opportunities for her community and has a vision to bolster Egypt as a location for high quality, competitive, export ready manufacturing. Marina also serves as the General Manager for Melad, another of the Melad Group companies. She holds a Bachelors of Civil Engineering from Minia University and is an MBA candidate at the ESLSCA Business School in Egypt. Marina’s areas of expertise include civil engineering, manufacturing and developing an export strategy.

What Marina hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Marina is eager to learn how to expand her business using the tools she learns about through the program. She is excited to engage with other fellows from around the world and hopes to gain knowledge from their experiences. Marina is especially interested in learning more about marketing strategies, financing and strategic planning.

What Marina can offer other fellows:

Marina is experienced in business management and is willing and excited to share that experience and her ideas with other fellows.

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