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Marie-Reine Ahonon

2019 Fellow

Founder & General Manager, PROCURIS ltd: Food processing

Cotonou, Benin

About Marie-Reine:

Marie-Reine is the Founder and CEO of PROCURIS ltd, an agro-business company that distributes and transforms cereals for baby food and adult consumption in Benin. They sell plant seeds, Shea butter, imported yeast and wheat flour for bakeries and women distributing to secondary markets. In addition, PROCURIS ltd offers pre-mixed meals for babies. Marie-Reine would like to see her company become a leader in baby nutrition and contribute effectively to the reduction of malnutrition by increasing affordability and access to her products. PROCURIS ltd provides small capital support to women in their community to launch agricultural businesses in producing grain for PROCURIS at market rates. PROCURIS is passionate about fostering women’s entrepreneurship and property ownership within Benin. Marie-Reine holds an Associate Degree in Marketing and Commercial Action and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Abomey-Calavi, a Master’s Degree in Management of Micro-Enterprises from the International Center for Applied Higher Education (CIESA) Edmundston Canada as well as a Certificate of Achievement from the Stanford Seed Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies. Additionally, she is an accountant, buyer and executive assistant and is also a part of the National Benin Chamber of Commerce. Her areas of expertise include finance/accounting, sales and marketing.

What Marie-Reine hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Marie-Reine hopes to gain skills in leadership, business management, product marketing and the elaboration of an effective business plan. She would also like to learn useful information about managing an enterprise and how to scale up.

What Marie-Reine can offer other fellows:

Marie-Reine can share her network and information about how business works in her country. She can share how she organizes the women she works with to help them get out of poverty as well as how she contributes to child nutrition and keeping girls in school.

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