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Mariatu Kanu

2023 Fellow

Executive Director and CEO, SheCures Sanitary Product

Mariatu Kanu
Sierra Leone

Mariatu G. Kanu is a graduate of Community Health and Clinical Sciences from Njala University. She is an Entrepreneur, a Period Advocate, and a Maternal Health enthusiast who is passionate about innovation and creating simple lifesaving solutions to solving some of the world’s pressing challenges. Mariatu and her team work tirelessly to ensure that SheCures Sanitary products are accessible to everyone that needs them through community engagements by providing washable pads, sexual and reproductive health booklets, and providing health training for community-based organizations. Through their work, they aspire to increase girls’ school attendance, create jobs for young people, and build a generation that is health-minded. Mariatu is also the founder of Resilient in Empowerment and Advocacy for Life Skills, an initiative that is geared to support girls’ health, education, and empowerment.

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