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Mariama Khai Fornah

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

Sierra Leone

Focus Areas

Climate Action
Communications & PR
Gender Equality & Women's Rights

Mariama Khai Fornah is a visionary leader and the CEO of Hands of Hope Radio 100.5 FM, the first woman-owned radio station in Sierra Leone. With a mission to provide hope and resilience, the radio addresses crucial issues such as livelihood, gender, environment, governance, legal matters, civic engagement, culture, arts, and education.

Fornah, an award-winning journalist with 18 years of experience, has worked with renowned organizations including World Bank and the BBC World Service Trust. She reported on the trials of former President Charles Taylor in The Hague. She has also managed projects such as the EU-funded Cocoa Livelihoods Project, which impacted over 5000 cocoa farmers. Beyond her journalism career, she excels as a blogger, entrepreneur, and preacher. Fornah’s expertise, combined with a strong background in journalism training and media advocacy, positions her as a media expert.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to illuminate the path of hope, inspire change, and uplift communities.”