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Maria Gabriela Hoch

2017 Fellow

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“I’ve met so many women from different parts of the world, and beyond our cultural differences we share a common denominator: that we are women – people who deal with the same issues, the same barriers, internal and external – and that together we see the value and strength in working together.”

Maria Gabriela Hoch is an Argentinian entrepreneur and the co-founder of a global leadership training camp that empowers young women. She launched her company – International Doorway Women’s Empowerment – to encourage a rising generation of women leaders to realize their talent and use their potential to create positive change.

Motivated by her own mentorship experience, Maria Gabriela has made it her mission to create opportunities for women to support one another and share skills and insights. 8 years ago, she helped establish a Vital Voices Chapter in Argentina. The growing chapter includes 2,500 women who share her vision to mentor and empower women in Argentina and around the world.