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María Francini Mora Chacón

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

María Francini Mora Chacón_pic (1)
Costa Rica

María Francini is from Costa Rica and is currently pursuing a degree at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. She is very passionate about STEM (mostly aeronautics and aerospace). Her social impact project is focused on increasing STEM promotion and outreach to young girls between the ages of 9 and 12. María Francini is part of three groups that work on outreach, through workshops and trainings to various schools within the country. The workshops and trainings are not only impactful for the young girls attending them but also the volunteers leading them.  

María Francini’s projects have been showcased at an international level, attending IAC in Paris, France and SAE Aerodesing based in Queretaro, Mexico. She wants to use her achievements to motivate girls in STEM careers and follow their dreams.