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María Eugenia Martinez Karam

2022 Fellow


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Maru Martínez is the Founder and CEO of Our Skin Our Story, a social media initiative and “intimate” Community. Her vision is to create and promote skin cancer awareness through her own life story sharing her knowledge about this disease and what has helped her be in a better place emotionally and physically after her 3 Basal Cell carcinoma tumors on her left cheek. Our skin our story is the first Instagram account in Mexico and Latin America committed to providing valuable and scientific information in Spanish and English about skin cancer and sun damage. Patients can listen to interviews with experts across different fields and share their own stories in order to feel supported when going through their diagnosis. 

Martínez has experience in public and business relations. She is the founder of Connecting Dots, a company with a solid network around the world helping people and companies grow their businesses within the Mexican territory. Martínez’s work and projects have been featured by well know Mexican magazines, newspapers, and on social media. 

She has a certificate from the skin cancer charity in the UK for melanoma and skin cancer early detection. Additionally, she is also the only Latin American warrior in the NOTA mole tracker program. 

“As a visionary leader, I aspire to create a universal understanding and awareness about the importance of taking care of our skin, as it is the largest organ we have.”