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María Alejandra Duff Amado

2021 Fellow

Maria Alejandra Duff Amado Headshot

María Alejandra Duff Amado is a Guatemalan woman and student at the Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala, passionate about the environment and the management of social projects. She studies International Relations and has a genuine interest in contributing to the development of Guatemala. She loves philosophy, language learning, technology, animals, traveling, and interacting with cultures. She dreams big of knowing the world. She speaks Spanish, English and German. She has been a participant in two cultural exchanges in Germany; in 2018 the International German Olympiad held in Freiburg and in 2019, she took a study test at the Friedrich Schiller Universit√§t in Jena. She was also the recipient of first place in the National German Language Olympiad in Guatemala and the Franklin Covey International Speech Contest. She has participated in National Science Olympics, Internal Spelling Olympics, school mascot design, and has a 95 college GPA. She was also part of the International Forum of Entrepreneurs 2020 and the She Impacta Program of Voces Vitales Guatemala. She is currently working on a bee conservation project for children and young people called “Bee Responsible GT” to promote environmental awareness from an early age.

María was selected as a participant in the 2021 Voces Que Inspiran.