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Márcia Maposse

2018 Fellow

General Director Bindzu Agrobusiness e Consultoria Lda

Marcia (4)

Márcia is the General Director of Bindzu Agrobusiness e Consultoria Lda, an agribusiness company in Mozambique that works from farm to table, and has developed activities in the agricultural value chain, especially in the horticultural sector. While initially Bindzu was devoted to production and marketing of vegetables, over time they realized there was an opportunity to strengthen the agricultural value chain to improve it, which has led to their current focus on the provision of inputs and advice to small-scale farmers. Bindzu sells agricultural inputs and equipment, and offers consulting services. Its mission involves the development of the value chain in an integrated way to meet the need for the elements and activities throughout the agricultural value chain to be coordinated and in synchrony to reach the best results. Its products and services encompass several stages along the value chain, which enables the company to perceive its articulation and create synergies not only for its marketing but also for the users of the same products and services that have the possibility of maximize their earnings from this better synchrony. They provide marketing of fruits and vegetables, agricultural consulting and commercialization of agricultural inputs and products. Through their agricultural consulting service Bindzu works with farmers and enterprises to develop business plans, feasibility studies, baseline studies and market research. They also work in partnership with the government on community development projects and value chain improvement, primarily in horticulture. Through their commercialization of agricultural inputs and products services the company sells seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigations systems, greenhouses and other agricultural inputs. Bindzu ensures that there is a diverse range of agricultural inputs available in the domestic market, ensuring a supply of quality and quantities to farmers. Bindzu also provides rentals of tractors and agricultural implements to ensure adequate and timely soil preparation, which is crucial to the success of the operation as the crops have optimum planting dates, outside of which there may be a significant reduction of their productive potential. Bindzu is also involved in the direct production of agriculture, possessing two farms in Moamba to grow produce such as potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, green beans and watermelon for sale in supermarkets in Maputo. Bindzu also offers services as a market agent, linking farmers to market by selling and processing the production of farmers into the value chain, through providing technical advice to the farmers about the best season in terms of price to harvest a certain product in order to ensure that the farmer will profit. Márcia’s vision for Bindzu is to be the reference company in the agricultural meander at national and regional level through providing products and services that address all stages of the production process, from planning to placement of the final product on the market. She is passionate about agriculture because agriculture means to her food security, a world free from hunger. Márcia envisions contributing in improving the enabling environment for better performance in the value addition and quality standard of agricultural products. Márcia has a Bsc in Agronomy from Eduardo Mondlane University. She has also been a Fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI) and has received certificates in business and entrepreneurship. Márcia has also completed a Yellow Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma and was a fellow in AWARD (African Women in Agriculture Reserach and Development). She has also received a certificate in elaboration of business plans by Building Markets Mozambique, a certificate in food security & quality by Insite Mozambique, a certificate of trainer of trainers on training course for trainers in the vegetables value chain through the VINESA project. Márcia has been awarded for excellence in agricultural work presentation for 2 consecutive years by AWARD (African Women in Agriculture Research and Development) and first prize for best business plan from Building Markets Mozambique.

What Márcia hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Maposse hopes to gain new her skills in financial management, strategic planning and project management. She would also like to learn from other fellows about how to scale a business and create a strong network.

What Márcia can offer other fellows: Maposse would be willing to offer mentorship to others, especially around agricultural skills, agribusiness, crop production and management. She can share her knowledge on leadership skills, conflict management and career development.

Márcia was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.