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Maral Dipodiputro

2017 Fellow

Co-Founder and CEO of TEMU


Maral Dipodiputro has been the Co-Founder and CEO of TEMU, a social enterprise that focuses on tackling issues on poverty and unemployment, specifically in urban slums, beginning in Jakarta, Indonesia, since late 2015. TEMU is a low-skills job marketplace, providing its service in the form of a mobile and web-based application that collects data from both ends: job providers and job seekers. TEMU then acts as the intermediary to coordinate the supply and demand between both parties. It then synthesizes these data to match individuals with job opportunities and produce better work outcomes. TEMU puts the right people in the right jobs, thereby increasing their productivity along with their job satisfaction, and raising overall labor productivity. Maral began her career as a corporate lawyer in a top-tier international law firm. Her time in the corporate scene allows her to develop strategies and analyze potential for commercial growth. She then decided to leave the corporate career and begin her social career by participating in the task force under the President of the Republic of Indonesia, in charge of overseeing development projects in the marginalized areas. These experiences equipped her with a strong network and the ability to work closely with the government, private sectors, and local communities. Following this, she established TEMU.