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Manuela Thourte

2024 Fellow

Legislator - City of Buenos Aires Legislature

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Manuela Thourte is the chief of a parliamentary party caucus in the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, the federal district in Argentina. She is in charge of leading a 12-member caucus integrated by three minor political parties. As part of her work she is leading communal-level delegates to generate synergies, exchange information, and bringing support to enriching the legislative work from the territory.

Manuela is working with young women from the party trying to represent them and lead them to feel empowered within a party that is 100 years old and very conservative in internal issues, forms of election, women participation in decisions-making, etc. Her main fields of work are children rights, education, gender equity and sustainability. As a legislator, Manuela passed some remarkable laws that are: Plain Language in Official Documents (to make accessible to all citizens the governmental communications and regulations); Strategic Scholarships in Pre- University level (in order to align market requirements and elections of careers for young people); Working conditions of teachers (to bring monetary and career’s incentives to teachers for sustained training) and Alternative family care for children (to guarantee the right of living in family for small children).

Manuela holds a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration and a degree in Political Science. Before being in politics, she worked for 15 years in United Nations. She is also a mother of a 7 years old girl.