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Malavika Nambiar

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries


Focus Areas

Mentoring & Leadership
Youth & Girls Empowerment

Malavika Nambiar is the co-founder of Humane Warriors (HW), a global platform dedicated to creating, protecting, and maintaining equity with vulnerable and underrepresented communities. With a focus on socio-environmental issues, HW empowers individuals and addresses the root causes of social problems through various initiatives. Nambiar’s personal passion lies in education, recognizing its pivotal role in driving positive change. She has been involved in teaching from a young age and now channels her efforts into mentorship programs and improving access to digital education infrastructure. Through HW, she envisions a world where every individual has equal opportunities and a voice to shape their future.

Nambiar holds a bachelor’s degree from Manipal University, a master’s degree from TU Delft, and a PhD from the University of Bern. Her multidisciplinary scientific expertise allows her to approach social issues with a translational mindset, making a real-life impact.