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Luz María De La Mora

2017 Fellow

Luz Maria de la Mora Sanchez GLAB Headshot 8.20

“I discovered that I have the power and the capacity to do more than the world told me I was capable of doing. I have no question and no doubt that focusing on women – making women realize their potential and their power to change their own lives – is one of the most important contributions you can make.”

Luz María de la Mora is an expert on trade and public policy who’s determined to boost women’s entrepreneurship in Mexico and beyond. After serving in both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Luz founded her own consulting firm to help companies develop business strategies and increase foreign trade.

A fierce advocate for women’s empowerment, Luz is focused on developing women’s entrepreneurship through training programs that open up access to new skills and opportunities. She believes that networks are powerful instruments for women in business, and led the establishment of a local network of women leaders. She’s making it her mission to close the gender gap in business by building a community of support for women entrepreneurs.