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Lourdes Mena de Guerra

2023 Fellow

CEO, Lula Mena

Lula Mena
San Salvador, El Salvador

Lula Mena generates hope and transforms lives by connecting art, design, and culture with vulnerable women in high-risk areas of El Salvador. Her fair-trade business creates sustainable job opportunities through the design and production of unique, eco-friendly, handmade, innovative products.

In 2001 Lula founded AZULES (Indigo Association of El Salvador). Lula has also been the director of the Indigo Trading Project and worked as a design consultant for USAID, where she taught contemporary craft design to more than 10 communities of artisans. In 2013, she became the owner, designer, and CEO of Lula Mena brand.

Lula has received numerous awards for her work, including the Enterprising Woman Award from Vital Voices, the Prominent Professional Award from Universidad Dr. Jose Matias Delgado, Export Woman of the Year from COEXPORT, Caoba Award for Best Social Entrepreneurship, and the Dahrendorf Award. Her designs have been finalists of the Ibero-American Design Biennial in 2017 and 2019. Lula is also a Member of the Board of Directors of Vital Voices El Salvador and a fellow of the Class XV at The Central America Leadership Initiative and EO.