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Liziane Dranka Silva

2018 Fellow

Founder and CEO, INK

Liziane (8)

Liziane is the Founder and CEO of Ink, a social business that offers training and consulting services in project management for nonprofits. Ink developed a strong and innovative business model that combines social impact and financial sustainability, reaching more than 1,600 of Brazil’s nonprofit professionals with the PMD Pro (international certificate in project management for development), training and managing more than 30 social impact projects in a diversity of causes and nonprofits. Since 2012, Ink has been nationally and internationally recognized for their relevant contributions to strengthening the nonprofit sector, being laureated by organizations such as the Global Good Fund, the World Economic Forum and the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative. Created by a group of respected and experienced international nonprofits, PMD Pro is a toolbox of best practices in project management that understands and embraces the additional complexities of managing projects that aim social transformation. Ink has 3 main service lines, which are training in PMD Pro, co-management for Nonprofits and co-management for donor organizations. Training in PMD Pro is face to face and online training in Project Management for Development International Certificate methodology, and Ink is the pioneer in disseminating this training in Brazil. Co-management for Nonprofits is when an organization has a challenging project, Ink will assume 50% to 90% of its management functions, offering professional service that lowers the risk of hiring and increases the efficiency and probability of success of the project. Comanagement for Donor organizations is the institutional strengthening projects they developed for donors who want to maximize the impact of their investments. When an organization has a challenging project, Ink takes on a lot of the responsibility for completing it, while also providing knowledge sharing. Ink developed a service that has reached remarkable results as the acceleration of 3000% in the impact growth rate of one of their clients and a 600% average direct impact growth of organizations supported by one of their projects. Considering its value proposition, results achieved and a hiring model that allows them to be hired even by organizations that have all resources attached to projects, Ink sees huge growth potential for itself. They want to be an international reference in efficiency in project management for social impact. By 2022 they expect to be present in two countries outside Brazil and to have trained 5,000 nonprofit professionals in PMD. Pro. Liziane currently is on the Board of Advisors of Insituto Atua√ß√£o, Board of Advisors of Renove, Board of Directors of Reflex√µes da Liberdade and is a Global Shaper @Global Shapers S√£o Paulo Hub. She has expertise in social business and project management for impact. Liziane holds a degree in economics and has received Certificates in J-PAL from MIT and PUC Rio Social Projects Evaluation. Liziane also participated in the Innovation Master Series Executive Course on Design Thinking at Stanford University and 10,000 Women through Goldman Sachs/FGV/Babson.

What Liziane hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Liziane hopes to learn to identify and implement the relevant tools that will support achieving the basis and capacity for the growth she aspires to achieve, including developing a strategic growth plan.

What Liziane can offer other fellows: Liziane can offer her knowledge in identifying and incorporating a social component in business, including project management for social impact. She can also provide her expertise in strategic perspective and opportunities identification, as well as how to integrate into global networks.

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Liziane was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.