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Linda Karuru

2018 Fellow

Director/Head of Productions Film Crew in Africa Ltd

Linda (2)

Linda is the Director and Head of Production for Film Crew In Africa, a film and video production company based in Nairobi. With Offices in Nairobi & Dar es Salaam and a Subsidiary in Uganda, Film Crew in Africa is conveniently located and able to meet any production needs when filming in Kenya and the Eastern Africa region. They are uniquely positioned in their services offered, creating TV Commercials, Films, TV content and Documentaries. Linda’s vision is to have a business that’s Pan-African in scale and impact. She sees her business as playing a role in mentoring and growing the next generation of Film Professionals that will take this industry into a new world. She also sees the work they product as having an impact, as films have the ability to inspire an emotional involvement which in turn can provoke actions that leads to social change. Film Crew in Africa has been involved in making documentaries, such as a film that addressed the plight of lion and human conflict in Kenya that is leading to reduced lion prides in the country. This has sparked awareness and in turn the communities involved have received education on how to avoid the conflict, reducing the risk that the animals will be killed. This has led to not only to social change but economic impact in the region due to influx of tourists. At Film Crew In Africa they strive to identify gaps in the market that present new opportunities to grow, as well as to engage in learning as much as possible to expands their knowledge in the field in order to stay current. Film Crew In Africa has also supported their community through filming social events like concerts and being involved in projects that give back to society. Linda has competed in the Rhino Charge event, which raises funds to support the Rhino Ark Foundation’s efforts to fence the Aberdare National Park in order to protect the dwindling numbers of Rhinos and reduce human-wildlife conflict in the region. Her areas of expertise include marketing. She has undertaken college studies of Marketing & Advertising.

What Linda hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Linda hopes to gain business management and leadership skills. She also hopes to gain networks and learn how to use those networks to grow her business. She is also hoping to learn from other fellows about their businesses and cultures, specifically about how this has affected them as individuals and women business owners.

What Linda can offer other fellows: Linda can offer her expertise in the film world. Films appeal to our emotional side, whether it’s to persuade someone to purchase goods, educate someone on issues that they were not aware of or provoke one into taking action over a matter that is being ignored. With her knowledge and skill of film production, she can offer to teach fellows how to take advantage of this medium to better their businesses and communities. She believes that every business requires marketing efforts and can offer to share her experience in this field with fellows. Linda can also share her personal and business experiences with other fellows. Linda also wants to share that she is a Motorsports enthusiast and an Adrenalin junkie. She loves to travel and wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a plane alone to the next destination without knowing a single person, wherever that is.

Connect with Linda on Social Media:


Facebook Page: Film Crew In Africa

Instagram: @filmcrewinafrica


Linda was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.