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Lily Kudzro

2017 Fellow

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Devio Arts Centre Ghana

Lily Kudzro is an extraordinarily passionate social entrepreneur with over five years’ experience in advocacy and human rights law. As a young Executive Producer, Presenter, Writer and Founder of a leading non-profit organization in Ghana, Devio Arts Centre, she empowers children, young people and teachers through various creative programs she offers at both the community and national level in Ghana. In November 2016, she received a letter of endorsement from the Government of Ghana’s Ministry of Creative Arts, Culture and Tourism, as a recognition of her efforts to provide creative arts education in the nation. Her vision is to become not just a powerful voice, but a change agent in addressing major problems in global education, with a special focus on problems affecting the learning abilities of children and young people from marginalized communities. She has been a strong voice for children’s creative participation in Ghana. Lily believes in a world of creative children, who can achieve their full potential.