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Leila Khalife

2023 Fellow

CEO and Founder, Gudtolli

Leila Khalife

Leila Khalife is the CEO and business development manager at Gudtolli Lebanese fresh pasta. Gudtolli’s mission is to create a memorable experience for their customers by providing them with fresh, healthy, and nutritious pasta, all produced by women to empower them, and from local ingredients to support Lebanese farmers. They strive to grow globally to offer an exquisite combination of Lebanese and Italian cuisine at a modest price. They promise to provide quality, top-choice pasta products. As a team of devoted employees and top management, they are committed to giving their customers the best product with the highest level of quality and the best price. Their objective is to give their customers complete satisfaction when consuming their product with an exceptional experience that combines the Lebanese culture with the traditional Italian taste. Their attention is focused on their suppliers and farmers to ensure that they provide them with ingredients of superior quality and to ensure the certainty of an end result that represents the “made in Lebanon” pasta excellence. Their team is continuously trained to deliver to their customers the safest product whilst implementing international regulations, standards, and rules in quality and food safety production and to guarantee constant customer communication, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What Leila can offer other fellows:

Leila can give food safety and quality training sessions for many levels. She is also an ISO 22000 lead auditor and 9001 auditor-certified IRCA license.

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