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Leeanna Gannt

2023 Fellow

Founder and CEO, Tooktake

Leeanna Gantt

Leeanna Gantt invented her patented Tooktake dosage reminder label system after her treatment for breast cancer and the subsequent need to take daily medication to stay well. Tooktake is a simple no-tech label system that makes it easy to know at a glance if you took or still need to take all forms of supplements or medications and is designed for people of all ages. Currently, there is a strong stigma toward people who need to take medications and supplements (over-the-counter and prescription). They are frequently perceived as “old,” “giving up,” “lazy”, “less than” or “broken”. None of these things are true and with Tooktake, Leeanna would like to encourage people to talk about their medications and supplements, so that family and friends can understand what they take or use to get and stay well and how to support them. Having worked as a creative director and a nonprofit leader, Leeanna is uniquely qualified to encourage this conversation about chronic conditions, wellness routines, and health goals. This goal aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. Medication non-adherence, not taking them as directed, is a global issue. In the USA, it is estimated that 75% of the population has at least one prescription and 50% don’t take them as directed. This is associated with poor clinical outcomes, reduced quality of life, and high healthcare and societal costs. When Leeanna isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

What Leeanna can offer other fellows:

Leeanna previously worked as an advertising creative director and can help guide other fellows in finding their brand voice and creating a consistent message and tone for their brand.

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