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Leba Nabou

2019 Fellow

General Secretary, National Federation Party


Leba (Seni) Nabou hails from Oneata in the Lau group of Fiji. Currently, Seni provides political guidance to the National Federation Party for parliamentary work, and was elected General Secretary for the Party in August 2019. She is also a consultant and a mother of four.

She holds post-graduate qualifications in Educational Technology from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Seni also trained as a journalist, and is an environmentalist due to her working years as a Pacific Political Advisor for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. She is a media commentator on environmental issues, particularly on climate change.

Seni is passionate about environmental and social justice, as well as open and transparent governance. She is keen to see Fiji’s economy grow, but also to ensure that environmental regulations are strengthened and that public oversight processes on environmental oversight in Fiji are transparent and credible; and that landowners are firmly guided by “free, prior and informed consent” in any development project. Seni is also supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship by and for young people.

She was selected as a Fellow for the 2019-2020 VV Engage Cohort.