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Lara Ayoub

2017 Fellow

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“One of the greatest needs for women in Jordan is for them to have a recognized voice, a voice that is heard. We need a boost of women; we need to understand them more and hear from them more. We need to see more women at the roundtable.”

Lara Ayoub is trying to close the gender gap in Jordan’s workforce. She’s the co-founder of Sadaqa, a non-profit that’s pushing for nationwide compliance of a labor law that mandates daycare provision in the workplace. Lara established the organization with a group of fellow working mothers. She experienced firsthand how difficult it can be for women to enter or remain in a workforce that doesn’t offer any structural support for mothers.

When companies adopt more parent-friendly policies and corporate cultures, business benefits, says Lara. She’s out to make the case that the economy in Jordan – and in countries around the world – will only be strengthened by women’s increased participation.