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Lamice Joujou

2017 Fellow


“Our culture is very male-dominant, and it’s hard for women business owners to be taken seriously. The first time I had a huge expansion opportunity, I lost the opportunity because my business is women-owned. After that, I decided if potential partners didn’t want to accept us as a women-owned and women-run business, then we didn’t want them.”

Lamice Jouou became an entrepreneur by accident. When she was a new mom looking for a nursery for her daughter, she was disappointed by her options. So she took a risk and opened her own – Frizzy. Lamice partnered with her mom to launch the childcare and ‚Äòedutainment’ company, which offers kids a safe space to play and learn.

Running a women-owned business made up entirely of women, Lamice comes up against bias in Lebanon’s male-dominant culture. But she’s out to prove that women are assets to any company. She’s made a point of structuring her business around flexible schedules and remote work to ensure that women don’t have to choose between work and family life.