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Lakshmi Prabhakaran

2022 Fellow

Head of Impact at CleanHub

Lakshmi P Menon

Lakshmi currently leads the Impact Initiatives at CleanHub, working with local waste management organizations to build solutions to address the waste crisis and help improve working conditions for the waste workers. In this role, she specifically works with urban waste workers to build predictable livelihood options in waste management and has established robust processes for sales and operations at scale.

Lakshmi has more than 10 years of experience working in the corporate sector, which she believes has helped in her organizational development skills. She takes a special interest in mentoring women into leadership roles, as has worked with large teams, mostly women, in the waste collection and sorting process. Her dream is to build a space where organizations can strengthen collaborations and professional relationships. This is an absolute necessity in order to scale the solutions implemented in climate action and to extend this success to improve the working conditions of the workers.