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LaCourdia Jones

2023 Fellow

Owner, Purple Crates

LaCourdia Jones
United States of America

LaCourdia Jones is the owner of Purple Crates and currently serves as a graphic designer and printer. Purple Crates provides graphic design and printer services to those who need design work such as invitations, programs, business cards, etc and printing services such as basic prints in black and white and color and some post print services such as cutting, foiling, laminating, and scoring.
LaCourdia’s most notable achievement is buying her print shop needs without any help and making a full return on her investment. Her mission is to partner with her local education system, high school division, and establish a specific project. LaCourdia is a woman who knows her craft but her personality meets no strangers. 


What LaCourdia can offer other fellows: 

LaCourdia can support other fellows by sharing her computer skills in Microsoft. She is certified in Word and PowerPoint as of March 2022. She can also teach some basic graphic design tips.